Introducing The Nonprofit Strategy Library


The Nonprofit Strategy Library is a new curated database of links to the best strategy resources for nonprofit leaders.

Let’s face it. Nonprofit leaders are an underserved population when it comes to tools and resources for strategic management of their organizations. The elementary resources developed for the social sector are insufficient to help nonprofits mature beyond the very basics of strategic planning.

I discovered this gap while working on the strategy team of a leading global development NGO. Our most important strategic challenges included making our three-year strategic plan a practical management tool, deciding whether to double the size of our organization through a major acquisition, and guiding a successful post-merger integration and transformation. We succeeded, but only by leaning heavily on the perspectives and approaches in the private sector literature.

Over the years, I’ve continued to maintain a list of dozens of the business world’s most valuable resources for the nonprofit leader.

As a result, my friends, colleagues and clients frequently ask me for resource recommendations. And, since I’m a nerd about strategy in the social sector, I love it when others come to share my enthusiasm for the concepts and practices from my favorite strategic management reading, templates and examples.

In that spirit, I decided to share my list of resources more broadly. This week, I launched The Nonprofit Strategy Library, which is a searchable database of links to (what I think are) the most eye-opening and relevant resources on strategy.

Check it out and let me know what you think! I’m looking forward to your feedback to help me make the tool more useful for nonprofit leaders.

Click here to access The Nonprofit Strategy Library.

Nicolas Takamine