About Me

Photo by Jaclyn Pantzar

Photo by Jaclyn Pantzar


I got into nonprofit strategy consulting because it’s the best way for me to make a difference with my strengths. I’m a lifelong student of strategy and management, and I’m passionate about translating what we’ve learned in the private sector into practices and tools that are relevant for social sector leaders.

Over 11+ years, I’ve worked across both the business world and the nonprofit sector, including in traditional strategy consulting, nonprofit strategy and M&A, and investment banking. I’ve studied how the strategy body of knowledge applies in a social sector through an MBA program and independent research. Today, I partner with nonprofit leaders to adapt powerful private sector concepts for the nonprofit context.

In my engagements, I provide more than a consulting deliverable. I’m passionate about helping my clients build their own intuition for the concepts we apply and about helping them manage key stakeholders throughout our work together. Ultimately, my goal is for my clients to confidently lead strategic change within their organization.

In addition to being a nonprofit strategy consultant, I’m a husband, a dad (to a human and a golden retriever mix), an aspiring gardener and guitarist, and a lover of the great outdoors.

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