Nonprofit Strategy Consulting by Nick Takamine


Hi, I’m Nick

My mission is to help nonprofit leaders adapt, internalize and employ the most powerful strategic management practices from the private sector.


How Can I Help?

I help nonprofits upgrade their strategic management practices.
I partner with leaders who are dissatisfied with the status quo and who are pushing their organization into the next level of strategic effectiveness.

I help these leaders translate the best strategic management practices from the private sector so they are relevant and practical in a nonprofit context—simply put, so that they work and are sustainable.

My style of partnering helps nonprofit leaders build their own intuition and ability to apply the concepts and practices we utilize, so they can lead confidently when taking the work forward.


Strategy development; strategic planning; metrics and balanced scorecard

Business Model Innovation

Business model design; Lean Impact / Lean Startup; earned income generation; social enterprise design

Organization & transformation

Operating model & organization design; culture evolution; mergers & acquisitions; continuous improvement; strategic cost reduction; project management excellence


My Perspective

ar·peg·gi·o: the notes in a musical chord played individually

A satisfying resonance is felt when the elements of an organization work together in harmony—and a dissonance when they do not. Like a musical chord, the complexity of a nonprofit can be broken down so each component of the whole and be tuned through the art and science of strategic management.